Update on latest PET/ct scan

This post is dated post Hurricane Irma. September 18, 2017. Just so you know I am back home with power on. Our vacation timing could not have been better, Sept 7 a few days before Irma hit. We ended up spending more time in Wisconsin, which was a blessing. More time with family and friends.

When last saw Oncologist on August 24, 2017 my latest PET/CT scan showed three tumors in my upper right lung. He had seen something there in previous scan so was looking intently in this area. I feel no compromise of breathing in that lung, so again the cancer creeps. He had suggested a new drug that is supposed to make the Xeloda (chemo pill) work more effectively, once I upped the dosage. Well, the reason I had been taking a low dosage was because of the harsh shit side effects. My intuition told me no more. But then the hurricane hysteria hit. Plus with the vacation plans, in place, I would not be taking anything till I saw him again. Which as of this week, will be Friday at WPB location due to long waits at PGA location on Thursday (my normal day to get my Herceptin infusion). Every three months I have to have an ECHO cardiogram (which I had today 9/18/17) prior to receiving the next rounds of Herceptin (it has the nasty side effect of heart issues for some). I am blessed again to have been taking this drug for many years and having it work to keep my cancer at bay.

I have spoken with my acupuncturist and he gave me a contact for an Alternative Therapy doctor, awaiting call back to set up appt.

Thanks to all for your supportive prayers.

Love, Gail