The running of the scans!

I had a pet/ct on the 17th of August that showed three small tumors in my upper right lung. That’s news to me! Don’t feel it and my pulsox (sp?oxygen) is always close to 100%. So since I saw the Onc. last he ordered a brain MRI (routine every three months) and changed my dosage of Xeloda to 14 days on, and 7 days off, so far tolerating the change fine. Scheduled for a CT scan,  this coming Friday before I see Onc. on Monday the 16th of October.

Had a great weekend, we went up to Orlando to see Mason play soccer and for his and Charlotte’s 8th birthday party at a roller rink – I have not laughed like that for a while – so much fun! Even just sitting there and watching them fall and get up!

I will update again after Onc. appt.